Dentistry Student Kits & Supplies

Student Kits and Supplies

Dental-Mart Sales Inc. has a reputation for delivering the highest quality dental instruments, dental supplies & kits to professionals & students.

We are proud to bring our student customers these great values in order to be a part of their growing careers.

Please browse our special student pricing below.

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Dental-Mart Sales Inc. provides the best pricing on Dental Student Kits and Supplies!

Dentistry Students Price List

We are currently updating our Student Prices. Kindly note that the prices below may not be accurate and should only be used as a guideline. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Bur Blocks

Mueller Burs

Assorted $30.00/5PK
1.0mm $28.50/10PK
1.2mm $28.50/10PK
1.4mm $28.50/10PK
1.6mm $28.50/10PK
1.8mm $28.50/10PK

Carbide Burs

Diamond Burs

Meisinger $55.00 & up
Jota $33.50 & up
Johnson Promident $25.00 & up


Prophy Brush – Latch Micro Flat White $2.00/5PK
Prophy Brush – Latch Flat White or Black $5.00/10pk
Prophy Brush – Latch Pointed White $5.00/10PK
Prophy Brush – Latch Cup Shade/White or Bristle $5.00/10PK
Occlu-Brush Assorted $20.00/3PK (1 of each)
Compo Blitz $15.00/2PK (1.5mm)
Compo Blitz $15.00/2PK (3.0mm)
Cotton Mini Buff $10.00/5PK
Micro Brush $6.50/100PK
Astrobrush Assorted $35.00/3PK (1 of each) – $162.00/15PK (5 of each)


One Gloss Mini Points RA $13.50/3PK – $40.00/12PK
Dura White Cylinder CY2 FG $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Round RD2 RA $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Round RD2 FG $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Flame FL2 FG $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Flame FL2 RA $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Flame FL1 FG $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura Green Flame FL2 RA $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Brownie Mini Point RA $9.50/3PK – $36.00/12PK
White Stone Flame FL2 FG $6.00/3PK – $24.00/12PK
Amalgam/Gold Polisher 3-Step Kit $37.00/12PCS
Amalgam/Gold Polisher Mini Points RA $25.50/12PK Assorted $7.00/3PK (1 of each)

Polishing Discs

Super-Snap Polishing Discs $7.00/10PK – $31.50/50PK
Super-Snap SuperBuff $10.00/10PK – $49.50/50PK
One Gloss Midi Points $22.00/10PK – $97.00/50PK
One Gloss Inverted Cone $16.00/10PK – $97.00/50PK
Super-Snap Mandrel Contra Angle RA Plastic $5.00/10PK – $46.00/100PK
Super-Snap Mandrel Contra Angle RA Metal $6.00/1PK – $27.50/6PK
Super-Snap Mini Kit $41.00
Super-Snap Rainbow Tech Kit $122.00


3M Z100 1x4g Syringe $36.00
3M Z250 1x4g Syringe $39.55
3M Z250 Compules 20x.20g Caps $84.76
ProFil Compules 20 Caps $56.00
ProFil Flow 1x1g Syringe $14.00
ProFil 4g Syringe $30.00
Estelite Sigma Quick Compules 20×0.2g Caps $129.80


Kerr 2-Spill Amalgam $29.99/10PK
Spherodon 2-Spill Amalgam $47.00/25PK
Amalgamator – Regular $345.00 – Sale $288.00


3M Express $102.99
3M Express Soft $95.00
Genie Rapid Set $99.00
Mark3 VPS Fast Set $65.00

Temporary Crown and Bridge

Luxatemp $190.00
Deluxe $114.00
Integrity $197.75 (no 10% discount on this item)
Structure3 $164.99
Structure2 SC $145.00
Protemp (Special order, we don’t keep in stock. Price upon request)


Typodont Standard AG3 DA $341.00 (no 10% discount on this item)
Teeth (#11-#18, #21-#28, #31-#38, #41-#48) $3.60/EA

Sectional Matrix

Sectional Matrix 5mm $3.50/5PK
Sectional Ring w/Silicone Tube $11.00/1PK
Garrison Standard Sectional Matrix Kit – Regular $315.00 – Sale $288.00 (no 10% discount on this item)

Rubber Dam

Rubber Dam Clamps $13.00
Rubber Dam Frame $19.00
Rubber Dam Forceps $47.00
Rubber Dam Punch $55.00 – $75.00
Flexi Dam Non-Latex 6×6 Medium (Purple or Teal) $13.00/5PK – $61.00/30PK


High Speed Handpiece $200.00 and up
Low Speed Handpiece $330.00 and up
Adapter 2/3-hole HP to 4-hole Tubing $40.00
Lubricant $22.00 – $39.00


PLS Tray/EA $12.00
PLS Cover/EA $12.00
PLS Tub Tray/EA $12.00
PLS Tub Cover/EA $5.00
ZRC Divided Tray/EA $17.00
ZRC Locking Lid/EA $19.00


Flexi Wedges Assorted $12.00/40PK
Pulpdent Wooden Wedges $13.50/100PK Assorted $49.00/400PK
Premier Wooden Wedges $15.00/100PK (no 10% discount on this item)
Plastic Wedges $10.00/100PK
Fender Wedges $15.00/10PK – $140.00/100PK
Fender Wedges Assorted $26.00/20PK (5 of each) – $199/144PK (36 of each)
Fender Mate Assorted $16.00/4PK (1 of each) – $296.00 72/PK (18 of each)
Fender Prep $12.50/5PK – $227.00/100PK
Poly Wedges w/Handle – Red, Blue, Yellow $4.00/30PK
Poly Wedges w/Handle – Large Red $15.00/100PK
Poly Wedges w/Handle – Medium Blue $15.00/100PK
Poly Wedges w/Handle – Small Yellow $15.00/100PK

3M Sof-Lex Discs

½” X-Thin Assorted $22.00/40PK (10 of each)
½” X-Thin Coarse $41.00/85PK
½” X-Thin Medium $41.00/85PK
½” X-Thin Fine $41.00/85PK
½” X-Thin Super Fine $41.00/85PK
3/8” X-Thin Assorted $22.00/40PK (10 of each)
3/8” X-Thin Coarse $41.00/85PK
3/8” X-Thin Medium $41.00/85PK
3/8” X-Thin Fine $41.00/85PK
3/8” X-Thin Super Fine $41.00/85PK
Mandrel Contra Angle/RA $15.00/1PK – $40.00/3PK


Finishing Cups $17.00/5PK – $85.00/30PK
Finishing Points $17.00/5PK – $85.00/30PK
Finishing Discs $17.00/5PK – $85.00/30PK
Green Finishing Assorted $8.00/3PK (1 of each)
Green Finishing Cups $13.00/5PK – $109.00/48PK
Green Finishing Points $13.00/5PK – $109.00/48PK
Green Finishing Discs $13.00/5PK – $109.00/48PK

Matrix Bands, Mylar Strips, T-Bands, Polishing Strips


#12, #15 and #22 Scalpel Blade w/ handle $2.00/1PK – $14.00/10PK
#12B Scalpel Blade w/ handle $2.40/1PK – $20.00/10PK


Scotchbond Multipurpose Adhesive 8ml Bottle $47.00
Adper Single Bond Plus 6g Refill Bottle $59.00
Prolink Universal Bond 5ml Bottle $50.00
Futurabond U – Dual Cure Universal Single Dose $3.00/1PK – $160/50PK
OptiBond Solo Plus 5ml Bottle $89.50
Gluma Comfort Bond 4ml Bottle $77.00
Prime & Bond NT 3.5ml Bottle $65.00


Suction tip (Saliva ejector tip) $5.00/1PK
Dappen dish – Glass $2.50/1PK – Disposable Assorted $1.00/5PK
Gloves $9.00 – $14.00
Overgloves $1.00 10Pairs/PK (20 Gloves)
Masks $1.50 – $4.00/10PK
Bibs $1.00/10PK
Bib Chains $4.00/EA
Head Cap Tie-On $2.00/5PK
Head Cap Elastic $1.00/5PK
Head Rest Covers 10” x14” Blue Fabric $1.00/10PK
Disposable Gown Blue $2.00/1PK
Cotton Rolls #2 Non-Sterile $1.00/50PK
Sleeves $0.50 – $2.00
Sterilization Pouches $1.00 – $1.25
Articulating Paper $6.50 – $25.00
Endo Stops Assorted $2.00/12PK – $13.00/100PK
Instrument Code Rings $7.00/35PK
Prep Check $3.00/EA – $119.00/50PK
Saliva Ejector Clear With Blue Tip $1.00/10PK
High Volume Evacuation Tips 6” White $1.00/10PK
Matrix Buttons $18.00/12PK – $73.00/72PK
Barrier Film $16.00/Roll
Glass Slab $5.50 – $16.00
Curing Light $199.00 and Up

All student sales are FINAL SALE and will not be accepted for return or refund.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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